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St Michael's Catholic Primary School

School Uniforms

Parents can purchase uniforms via the MySchool Connect App. To download the app please click here.

We expect the support of parents in ensuring the uniform code is adhered to at all times. Please ensure that your child’s clothing is clearly marked with their name. Children who are not in the correct uniform will be required to have an explanatory note from parents. Should a note not be presented, a notice will be sent home asking the parent/guardian to ensure the correct uniform is worn.

Kindergarten and Pre-primary students do not need to wear the school uniform. An optional round-neck maroon t-shirt can however be purchased for Kindy and Pre-primary students.

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Summer Uniform Boys Blue shirt, grey shorts and brown sandals or grey socks and black laced up shoes
Girls Blue check dress and brown sandals or blue socks and black laced up shoes
Winter Uniform Boys Grey school trousers, blue shirt, maroon tie, maroon v-neck jumper, grey socks and black laced up shoes
Girls Blue tartan princess style pinafore, blue blouse, maroon tie, maroon v-neck jumper, black shoes and blue socks. Navy blue tights may be worn
Sports – summer Unisex Maroon sports shirt, maroon shorts, black (low-cut) sand-shoes and gold socks
Sports – winter Unisex Maroon sports shirt, maroon jacket, maroon track pants, black (low-cut) sand-shoes and gold socks


School hats

It is mandatory for students in Year 1-6 to wear the school hat for physical education lessons and during recess and lunch breaks. The school has a ‘no hat, no play’ policy. This also applies to Kindy and Pre-primary students.


Hair should always be neat and tidy and should not reflect the extremes of current fashion. Long hair is to be kept tied back or plaited. Hair accessories are to be in school colours and minimal in number. Other than a nicklace with a crucifix, a functional watch and sleeper earings or studs in pierced ears, no jewellery is to be worn. Students are not permitted to wear nail polish.

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Encouraging life-long learning

Religious Education Programmes are based on the Religious Education Guidelines for the Archdiocese of Perth. St Michael's incorporates Sacramental programmes as part of the Religious Education syllabus of all years.