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Kindy & PP

St Michael's Catholic Primary School

Kindy & Pre-primary

Class Activities

Our dramatic play area has been transformed into an under the sea area. We have enjoyed learning about different mysterious and wonderful sea creatures God created. We have loved imagining what we would see under the sea and have created some amazing art to showcase this.

Our Talk for Writing story this term is The Little Red Hen and to our surprise the Little Red Hen sent us a basket of ingredients to make our own loaf of bread. We all have enjoyed reciting the story and taking turns at being different characters. Creating story maps is one of the best parts and everyone loves showing how clever they are at doing this! Our wall is getting quite full of stories!

We are learning all about patterns in Maths and have discovered patterns are everywhere in our environment! We are now creating our own patterns!

We all know how important it is to look after our body. We have enjoyed learning about why our teeth are important and how we should care for them. Later this term, the Pre-Primary children are looking forward to visiting the school dental van for the first time!

We just love investigating through play and have discovered so many amazing things such as how shells are made…what dissolves in water…what is fiction and non-fiction etc. We just wish we could investigate ALL day!

One of our favorite activities in Finger Gym this term has been saving the sea creatures from the ice. We used real tools to help get the sea creatures out. It took us quite a while to safely rescue them! In our Gross Motor program, we are focussing on developing our locomotion skills. It has been so much fun running, walking, skipping, jumping, and rolling each week.

The most fun parts of our day is always singing and playing together. We have so much fun each day in Kindy and Pre Primary. We hope you enjoy just a snapshot of our term so far.

Encouraging life-long learning

Religious Education Programmes are based on the Religious Education Guidelines for the Archdiocese of Perth. St Michael's incorporates Sacramental programmes as part of the Religious Education syllabus of all years.