Uniform Price List

St Michael's Catholic Primary School

Uniform price list

A uniform shop operates as a service to parents to assist in providing cost effective uniforms for students. It is staffed by volunteers and usually operates on Monday afternoon between 3.00pm and 4.00pm. Alternatively, you may contact the office.

Second-hand clothing is sold at discounted prices.

Summer Uniform – terms 1 & 4

Girls Price Boys Price
Dress $60.00 Grey shorts $30.00
Blue socks $5.00 Blue shirt (short sleeve) $20.00
Kindy shirt $25.00 Kindy shirt $25.00
Wide brimmed hat $15.00 Wide brimmed hat $15.00


Winter Uniform – terms 2 & 3

Girls Price Boys Price
Tunic $65.00 Grey trousers $30.00
Blue shirt (long sleeve) $20.00 Blue shirt (short sleeve) $20.00
Blue tights $10.00 Kindy shirt $25.00
Jumper $30.00 Jumper $30.00
Tie $15.00 Tie $15.00


Sports Uniform (all year – unisex)

Item Price
Sport shirt $25.00
Sport shorts $15.00
Gold socks $8.00
Sport jacket $35.00
Track pants $25.00



Ordering uniforms

Uniforms can be ordered in person at the uniform shop or through the front office. Alternatively, you may email your order to office.admin@stmichbruns.wa.edu.au, which will then be forwarded to the Uniform Shop Manager.

Encouraging life-long learning

Religious Education Programmes are based on the Religious Education Guidelines for the Archdiocese of Perth. St Michael's incorporates Sacramental programmes as part of the Religious Education syllabus of all years.