Catholic Primary School

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Develop an inclusive educational environment
Encourage life-long learning
Reflect Gospel values

Years 1 & 2

Semester Activities

So far this semester we have had a lot of fun learning through different activities.

On Shrove Tuesday, the P&F kindly made us delicious pancakes. We learnt why we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Pancakes use up the eggs, butter and fat that can't be eaten during Lenten Season.

Carbon Kids came to St Michael's and we were lucky enough to investigate the differences in leaves by looking at the ridges, lines and bumps.

For ANZAC Day, we spoke about the importance of remembering the ANZACs. We spoke about ANZAC cookies and why and who they were made for. Students learnt the many parts of a procedure text and learnt how to follow a recipe. They baked their own ANZAC cookies, which were very yummy!

Throughout spelling, students are given hands on and written activities to choose from, to practice their spelling words. Our students are very proud of their work, as seen by the "oo" words in the picture.

Keeping Healthy Assembly

On Friday the 23rd of June the Year 1/2 class performed their assembly about Keeping Healthy. They taught us the importance of being sun smart, having good dental hygiene, washing our hands and eating healthy. They did a fantastic job and they should all be very proud of their effort. What amazing performers we have here at St Michael's.